Naruto, chapter 627. Sasuke is a good guy now? Really?

by Sindar From

This chapter probably is very-very exciting for Sasuke fans and for all the countless people who waits for the big Sasuke vs Naruto fight. The first probably are happy, cause now Sasuke can end up being a hero and a saviour, but the second probably are mad, cause now there is a chance that we won’t have Naruto and Sasuke fight. Though I still think we will have this fight.

Naruto Chapter 627 Sasuke

New big manga spoiler: “Sasuke is going to fight Madara”. Soon on your Naruto anime forum.

I personally find it less interesting than the last one. It was interesting that Sasuke made this decision, but there weren’t much stuff besides it.

Naruto Chapter 627 The third: 'Shisui Uchiha was a son Of Kagami Uchiha'

I don’t mean that the chapter was boring though. For example there was this unexpected fact that Shisui Uchiha was a son Of Kagami Uchiha

And in case you forgot the face of Kagami, and google image search gives you only pictures of a school girl with two ponytails, then here you go:

Naruto Chapter 627 Kagami Uchiha and the second hokage

Remember there was a time when lots of people thought that Tobi is Kagami? =)

What I don’t like about this chapter is the drawing style. Don’t get me wrong, Kishimoto is a great artist, but this time he did not do his best. There are lots of panels where he could have done a better job drawing expressions. Like here:

Naruto Chapter 627 Sasuke and The Third hokage

  Both sasuke and Sarutobi deserved to be drawn better

The conversation about that Uchiha sinobi like Kagami, Shisui and Itachi were the ones who felt the Will of Fire deeper than others was kind of interesting. I have a hard time seeing how Itachi’s actions had anything to do with the Will of Fire. It was rather the Will of Danzo, or something. In fact, what Itachi did was rather what Madara would do. He killed people for the greater good and he tried to create a world of illusions for his brother and he twisted his life in order to give him power. Where is there any sigh of the Hashirama’s will?

Naruto Chapter 627 Sasuke talking about Itachi

Oh really?..

Also, Karin is back, hope you, Karin fans, are happy ^_^

Naruto Chapter 627 Karing tryingto talk

I like this note at the bottom. We are so used to bad (I mean BAD) translations that we really need this note to understand that there is something intentionally wrong with her speech

Naruto Chapter 627 Sasuke being harassed by Karin

Look at his face, that alone makes it worth it to have Karin in the team ^^

And now let me ask Suigetsu to summarize the situation for us:

Naruto Chapter 627 Suigetsu

Thank you, Suigetsu, that was very precise.

There was nothing much to talk about in this chapter. We can go into the discussion about how Sasuke can help in the fight against Madara, besides standing at a good distance and not getting in Hashirama’s way. Same goes for Naruto, by the way. Unless… he should have got the second half of Kuubi’s power, so he might have gotten even stronger now. Also, I would like to mention that Tobi put a lot of effort into helping Sasuke and if Sasuke repay him by killing him it would look really dumb. We will see what happens. Till the next time (^_^)/

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