Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 14

Leave it to Gintama to throw a random curveball at you out of nowhere. Gintama season 8 has officially ended today. I repeat, Gintama season 8 has ended. Gintoki spent the entire second half of this episode explaining to us why this season had to be ended so abruptly and then complaining about Sorachi and the anime staff.

Let us start from the beginning. Here are a couple of nice pictures of Gintoki’s torture.

It would have been awesome if someone actually skipped the previous episode. They would have been treated to this nice visual of Takasugi hanging from the ceiling wearing a diaper. It would have been totally worth skipping an episode. Torture in Yoshiwara included getting molested by a bunch of old ladies. Gintoki, after going through that trauma twice, gave up on all his worldly desires and became a saint. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 14 (6)

Just kidding. A diaper wearing saint is way more disturbing than a lazy samurai with a permanent perm

Seita became a delinquent. Not that it is weird, considering the fact that he was made to work in an adult toy shop when he was little. Here is one of the best piece of news we learned in this episode. Hinowa can walk now. She still needs a walking stick but I am really glad she can use her legs again. On the other hand, her taking so long to heal acts as a cruel reminder of the torture she has been through.

Gintoki used the sno… mole he got from Tama to hide his identity and get away from the lady monsters. I am glad that he is still carrying that device around. It would have been pretty stupid to throw away something that convenient.

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 13

This is another episode filled with random comedy moments. We got to see Gintoki, Hijikata, Yamazaki and a fake Takasugi pretending to be mannequins. This review will have a lot of screenshots since there are some really good moments in this episode.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 13 (8)

The thought of Takasugi pretending to be a mannequin is extremely funny

We also learned a lot of random information. Firstly, Yamazaki can fly!

Gintama Season 8 Episode 13 (3)

Hijikata had no qualms about treating him like a horse

Gintama Season 8 Episode 13 (4)

He can also split into two

Gintama Season 8 Episode 13 (5)

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 12

Here is a confession. I honestly didn’t think that Utsuro’s parting words were in fact a threat.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 12 (1)

Of course I expected Utsuro to come back but I didn’t realize that he had made plans to continue his carnage after getting revived. The way I saw it, Utsuro always thought that to live is to suffer. So it would make sense for him to pity the humans who foiled his plans to destroy humanity and chose to continue living, doesn’t it?

Gintoki, who knew Utsuro well, knew what his last words meant and set out to find his next incarnation. He went searching through all the Altana reserves for him.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 12 (3)

Gintama Season 8 Episode 12 (4)

Hmm.. Something seems strange. That is not a world map Sorachi!

This has got to be one of the stupidest mistakes made by Sorachi. Or more like, Sorachi simply refuses to acknowledge that Japan is not the only country in the world. Gintoki didn’t even have to step out of the country. Utsuro got magically reincarnated in Japan again.

Gintoki searched all over Japan, found baby Utsuro and tried to kill him.

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 11

It turns out, Kanna really is Kagura. She can now transform from being a little girl to an old woman in a matter of minutes. Sorachi hasn’t explained how she manages to do that yet.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 11 (11)

I hate the unrealistic pointy chins

Gintama Season 8 Episode 11 (1)

All hail Granny Kagura

I am sure Umibozu would love to learn this trick, turn back into a teenager and flaunt his hair.

Kagura didn’t find a way to heal Sadaharu. She felt bad about returning to Yorozuya without achieving anything. So she lied about being Kagura’s daughter. To be honest, it is an extremely stupid thing to do. Lying about being Kagura’s daughter and causing all kinds of problems to Shinpachi is way worse than admitting that she hadn’t found a way to restore Sadaharu.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 11 (10)

Here is a nice picture of Sougo and Kagura being friendly

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Gang-aji Ttong (Doggy Poo) – Messing with anime fans since 2003

I honestly thought I had watched enough anime to not be surprised by anything any new anime throws at me. Then along comes Doggy Poo, a Korean anime about a piece of dog poop, to remind me why anime is such an interesting medium.

Doggy Poo is the story of an abandoned pile of dog poop and it’s struggle to find its purpose in life. I will be calling the protagonist Poo from now.

Doggy Poo (3)

This is the piece of poop we will be talking about – Poo

Poo is not the least bit happy about being born as dog poop (who would?) and dreams of being useful to someone or something. It meets several living beings during it’s life, namely some birds, a leaf, a lump of soil and a dandelion plant. Some of these creatures act rudely towards Poo while some of them willingly listen to its fears and offer support.

Poo hates being called dog poop, so much so that it cries when someone calls it poop for the first time.

Doggy Poo (6)

Doggy Poo (5)

Who wouldn’t feel bad for this sorry creature?

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 10

To be honest, I feel a little bad about badmouthing Katsura. He is actually planning to follow Shige Shige and Nobu Nobu’s footsteps. He is even writing a constitution for Japan all by himself. Only in Gintama can a terrorist become a country’s prime minister.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 10 (2)

Sorry Zurump. You might actually make a good leader

Also, imagine the advantages of having a prime minister like Zurump. You don’t have to waste any resources for providing him security. He can take care of himself just fine.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 10 (3)

Also, who would want to mess with this monster?

Some people tried to assassinate him and he threw a couple of bombs at them with a smile. Watching Kastsura trying to change Japan is going to be fun for sure. Matsudaira is not the least bit happy about Katsura sitting at the top of the country and is trying to assassinate him.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 10 (5)

Sakamoto is currently out on a temporary transfer to the Kaiji universe

Here is the big news. Meet Kagura’s daughter – Kanna.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 10 (6)


Kanna is more of a clone than a daughter. Kagura apparently traveled to the Dragon Ball universe and learned how to make clones.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 10 (16)

Gintama Season 8 Episode 10 (17)

Let us build a Kagura army!

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 9

This episode is everything we have been waiting for. Gintama is back to being a comedy and this episode is unpredictable and funny, just the way Gintama has to be.

Gintama Season 8 EPisode 9 (1)

For starters, Shinpachi didn’t get to act cool

The cafe’s owner kicked him out along with the Amanto for fighting in his cafe.

Sadaharu has shrunk to the size of a peanut and is in a vegetative state. Gintoki and Kagura went their separate ways after their battle with Utsuro. Kagura is travelling from planet to planet trying to find a way to wake Sadaharu up.  Gintoki said that there is something he wanted to do and walked away. Knowing Gintoki, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just wanted to play some Pachinko or visit some anime makers and apply for a transfer saying that he is tired of Gintama. Shinpachi is currently taking care of Yorozuya all alone and waiting for their return.

Gintama Season 8 EPisode 9 (3)


Not everything is bad though. Hasegawa is calling himself a hero and is now a big star. He is being praised by everyone and is living a life of luxury. I don’t even want to get annoyed about him acting all high and mighty. We all know that he is going to end up being homeless very very soon.

Gintama Season 8 EPisode 9 (4)

Just enjoy your fame while it lasts Hasegawa

Here is a nice picture of the Shimura house for you.

Gintama Season 8 EPisode 9 (5)

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 8

The battle with Utsuro has finally ended!

Gintama Season 8 Episode 8 (6)

Wait, what?

We all thought that the fight was going to go on forever, didn’t we? Looks like Sorachi isn’t that keen on turning Gintama into a normal shounen anime after all. He didn’t want to drag the fight forever and end the anime with Utsuro’s death.

I don’t think Utsuro is dead by the way. We saw him jump into an Altana reserve after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back to life with a different personality. I just hope that the new Utsurto gets to lead a better life and walk a different path.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 8 (4)

To be honest, Utsuro is not a bad guy. He thought he was saving everyone by killing them. If humanity isn’t destroyed, people will continue fighting with each other, hurting others and suffering. Utsuro, who had suffered a lot and desperately wanted to die, assumed that everyone else is the same. He assumed that everyone is doomed to suffer until they die. It goes to show just how much Utsuro wanted to die and let it all end. The torture he had endured had broken him to that point.

Even with all that, Utsuro wanted to be like other people. When he hurt someone, he felt like crying. The most heartbreaking thing is that he didn’t even know what he was feeling. If Utsuro did return to life, his current broken self would probably be erased. That is a bit sad. He is an anime villain you can’t help but sympathize with.

To be honest, I wanted someone to apologize to him before finishing him off. He deserved an apology for being turned into a sorry excuse of  a villain who was tortured, hurt, broken down, made into a bad guy and then killed off.

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Gintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Episode 7

I wanted Sadaharu to join the fight but watching him getting stabbed multiple times was sad. He is just a dog. He should have been going for walks, playing with his tail and eating food. Instead, here he is, stuck in a battle he probably doesn’t fully understand, getting hurt and hunted down. He doesn’t even know Utsuro. Even if he meets him sometime, he probably won’t understand why Utsuro wants to destroy earth. I thought he might die in this episode, considering how much damage he had taken.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (1)

The only thing on my mind during his fight was, ‘Whoa! Kagura is going to be pissed

I liked how Gintoki chopped off the hand of a guy who tried to kill Sadaharu. Even though he prefers fighting with a wooden sword, he has nothing against taking up a real sword and killing people. He doesn’t go out of his way to spare the lives of his enemies and can rip them into pieces without batting an eyelid.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (2)

I am a bit disappointed with everyone ganging up against Utsuro. It is one of the things that turned me off about Naruto. I am not a big fan of endings where the whole world comes together to kill one overpowered guy.

I am also disappointed with how little attention the rest of the Shinsengumi members usually get. When Utsuro tried to kill Yamazaki, Hijikata and Sougo rushed to his side and tried to save him. Gintoki is even carrying the half-killed Yamazaki to safety. No one cared when Utsuro was killing the other nameless Shinsengumi members. They are just around to give Utsuro a chance to showcase his skill.

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (7)

Why didn’t anyone lift a finger to help these guys?

Gintama Season 8 Episode 7 (8)

I would have been a bit impressed if Yamazaki actually died

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