Gamaran, a manga with realistic martial arts.

This post is a reaction on manga named Gamaran, written by Nakamaru Yousuke, after reading the first 23 chapters of it. Gamaran is about a teenage boy, Kurogane Gama, who participates in Unabara Grand Competition (or The Grand Tournament of Unabara in different translations). This post contains spoilers on the first 23 chapters.


The first thing about that manga, that I want to mention is that it is very realistic. I have a little bit of experience in sword fighting and I can tell that almost each panel in this manga makes sense. If you practice with the sword can probably even learn new tricks from Gamaran.


Just look there. You can see the initial stance, the movements of both Gama’s arms, the way his katana goes. Feels like a textbook on sword fighting.


Here you can see how Gama moved his body to increase the power of the blow. And you can see that he chipped his sword because of the power of the blow.

I would say that if you have seen (or read) other shonen series where martial arts play a big part, like Bleach or Soul Eater, you should check Gamaran out, just to see how the real sword fights look like. And not just sword fights. So far there have been sword vs sword, sword vs naginata, sword vs bow and sword vs unarmed opponent fights  in this manga.

Now, to be accurate I have to pint out some flaws of this manga. First, there are some unrealistic moves there. At least they seem to be unrealistic to me. Like cutting through steel rod with katana and accelerating in mid air by using a special move of the body. But such things are rare here.

Now, to the main character, Gama. Like typical shonen main character Gama is not super smart, has great skills, which improve over time, and he is able to learn fast. And, for some reason all the main characters of shonen series have spiky hair style. Well, not all, but quite many. Just look:

naruto1 Natsu_Dragneel1 Ichigo1

Ok, now look at Gama:

Kurogane Gama

Now, isn’t there something familiar about his hairstyle?

I am planning to make another post on Gamaran when I read more of it. But for now, that is all. Till the next time (^_^)/

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