Senyuu, reaction on the first episode

This post is my reaction on Senyuu, after watching 1 episode of it. The first thing, that I want to note about Senyuu is that the episodes are 5 minutes long. The second thing is, that it is, apparently, a comedy.

Main heros. Probably.

Those two are Alba, the hero, and Ros, a soldier. Probably, they are the main characters.

I have yet no idea what the show would be really about, nore have I formed an opinion on how good the show will probably be. One thing, that I want to mention, is that, even though episodes are 5 minutes long, they still managed to throw in scenes like this:


Talking about complicated animation…

And one more complaint. Out of the 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the first episode, the whole last minute is taken by the ending. That made the episode really small. But, at any rate, I am going to watch the whole thing and post one or two more posts on it. So, till the next time (^_^)/

Here is the list of all my posts on Senyuu. – SENYUU.


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