Hellsing OVA, the episode 10

Here I want to talk about the last episode of the Hellsing OVA. This episode was so full of surprises, that I don’t really know where to start. WARNING! This post contains major spoilers on the whole X episode of the Hellsing OVA series.

  Hellsing_OVA_10_6 Hellsing_OVA_10_1

I was afraid that this OVA will be a disappointment, because they needed to tie up all the loose ends and preserve the mood of the series, and so on, and it is a hard thing to do properly. But it wasn’t. Unlike the previous episodes, where it was all violence and blood and monster form of Alexander Anderson, this episode was more about human, emotional side of the matter. About the motivation of members of the Last Battalion, which we needed so badly. For once, the episode was not about a power struggle. The only big fight in the episode was the battle between Seras and the Werewolf, and that was more of a suicide, than a fight to win.


That was an unexpected moment.

So now we know the reasons for Millennium’s actions, why did they wedge the war, how Major planned to defeat Alucard, why did they sacrifice their men so carelessly.  I assume that everyone who reads this has watched the episode (because this post is full of spoilers and I put a warning), so I won’t recital all this. What I want to point out is that the true reasons to join in this war for most of the Millennium members was to be able to die, at last. For the doctor the reason was his madness, apparently; all his talk about science just sounded ridiculous. For the Major the reason was to help the world to get rid of the most dangerous monster it ever had; Alucard that is. I think that if we forget for a minute of his methods, Major was more or less justified there. Alucard is a danger to anyone around him, he killed countless men and he is not going to stop. To destroy such a monster is a great deed. Unfortunately, the destruction of London was a part of Major’s plan.


All his actions throughout the series looked like an utter madness. And that was what made it ever so interesting. But it would have been stupid if he had died without a purpose. So in the last episode he showed us his true purpose. A remarkable villain ^_^

Because spoilers are everywhere in the Internet and I usually don’t really care about them, I knew that Alucard will survive. And it worried me. When I was watching the OVA I was thinking that he better stay dead, because otherwise the whole thing would be purposeless, the world worst monster would be roaming free as before. But they did pull it out just right. Alucard lost his countless lives and now he is not invincible. That is the legacy of this war, now if Alucard turns to evil, there will be a chance to stop him.

The only complaint that I can think of now is this. Why on earth did the Millennium bring in London all that gold, that we seen during the fight between Ceras and the Werewolf. Gold is heavy and transporting it is a lot of trouble. This just doesn’t make sense. But alright, that isn’t a big deal. Not after you saw Alucard in a form of young girl O.o I even feel weird writing this.


Who are you, and where is Alucard? O_o


No, you can’t be Alucard! No way!

The only thing that I want to add, is that the music was awesome and the animation was good, as always. Original voice cast have done a splendid job, hope the English dub will be as good. I just want to see Freeman voicing that girl on the picture above ^_^ I hope to write a post on the series as a whole and, probably, a post about the 4th episode specifically. For now, that is all. Till the next time (^_^)/


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