Fairy Tail. Reaction on the Tower of Heaven arc

This post is my reaction on the Tower of Heaven arc of Fairy Tail series, that I just watched. I want to point out a couple of things about it. WARNING! This post contains spoilers on Fairy Tail anime, up to 41st episode.


The first thing is that the whole arc was spoiled in the opening, which was shown even before the arc started. But that is a kind of Shonen tradition, I know. On top of that, from that “Next episode! This and this happens!” announcement thingy you can get what exactly you are about to see in the next episode, in like a brief summary. For example, before I started to watch the episode 40 ‘Titania Falls’ I knew that in that episode Jellal will be defeated, the Tower of Heaven will be about to blast, and Erza will save everyone by risking her life, and that she will survive (because I know that there are like 127 episodes more by now, and Erza is one of the main characters). I don’ think that it is a good idea to spoil your own show. Why would they do that?..


This moment would have felt more tragic if I didn’t knew that Erza will survive. But there is just no way they kill Erza, she is too good a character. So far she is the only one, who’s personality struck me as really unusual.

The second thing is that they played the story of Jellal too cheap. He supposed to be extremely intelligent, since he was able to outsmart the magic council. So why did he not calculated the odds of Natsu winning the fight against him? There would be ways of stopping Natsu coming to the island, I presume, so why not just stop him? The whole arc was only 9 episodes long, they could have done more than that.


I expect we will see him again, since he wasn’t shown to be dead.

Talking about new characters, this arc didn’t give us many. Erza’s old friends did not impressed me at all. Simon was good for the story, but nothing special. Stereotypical katana fighter girl and glam/black/whatever rock star guy were rather sad. On the other hand Fukuro was awesome. You don’t see people like that often.


Nothing stereotypical here


He is just going around eating people alive in a kid-friendly anime series (^_^)

Also, there were a couple of awesome moments in this arc. My favourite was those:


Natsu doesn’t think twice. I wonder if he thinks at all before he does things like that.


I think every Fairy Tail fan likes that moment.


I just like how this thing looks. Natsu shouldn’t have come near that piece of art >.<

In all this arc looks to me almost as good the Phantom Lord arc and the Galuna Island arc. Although I think I enjoyed Galuna Island arc a little bit more and fighting and flashbacks in the Phantom Lord arc were somewhat more dramatic. When I watch the next arc I will try to post my reaction on it too. So, till the next time (^_^)/


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