Bleach, chapter 523.

Did you read the chapter? If you didn’t, then first read it and only then read this post, because I am going to make spoilers here. Does anyone believe that either Kenpachi or Unohana will die? There is no need for me to recite all the list of characters that were supposed to be dead but was reanimated somehow. So it is just a trick to draw attention, like that “R.I.P. Byakuya” thing. But nevertheless, the chapter is quite good. The last panel was just awesome.

Who wanted to see Kenpachi Zaraki fighting? Who wanted to see Unohana fighting? Your wishes are granted.

Also, I wonder if I was the only one who held his breath when read words “Central underground prison”. I still hope to see Aizen in action once again. See you in the next post (^_^)/


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