K-On! Thoughts on the first 6 episodes.

K-On! seems to be something like a milestone, something, that any anime fan should see, just to know what it is. When I started watching it, I thought that something that popular can’t be bad. In fact, it should be good.


The first two episodes were kind of introduction for the main four characters, the girls who form the light music club. It was ok, but nothing special yet. I must mention that I’ve already watched Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star and Melancholy of Haruhi Sudzumia, so I kind of knew what to expect from the slice of life show about school club activities. The one important thing that I get from the first two episodes was that there won’t be as much music in this show as you would have expected.


That is how I would have imagine a show about light music club


That is the harsh reality.

Next was the episode about Yui (the guitar player, in case there is someone, who hasn’t seen the show) taking exams. After watching Azumanga and Lucky Star I know the idea of such episodes so well that for the moment I was afraid that K-On will turn out to be boring. The episode passed and the next one was about the girls going to summer house to enjoy themselves (while pretending to be practicing). I thought “great, as if I haven’t seen this already”. But surprisingly, this turned out to be a great episode. All because of Mio (the girl who plays bass guitar). Her personality was revealed throughout the first episodes, and it was looking like they decided to take Kagami from Lucky Star, make her less smart and more romantic and so be it. Even if it was the intention, the result is still quite interesting. I would like to explain myself there. After watching the first three episodes I thought that there I have an anime about four girls with kind of stereotypical anime personalities (I rather mean personalities that I have already seen in other characters in other series). For example, Ritsu looked somewhat like less energetic version of Tomo from Azumanga and Tsumugi (the keyboard player) looked like a copy of Miyuki from Lucky Star. But after time passed I started to saw some individuality in them. That is a very important point for me.


It still seems to me like they have something in common.

Next episode was about finding an adviser. The episode was funny and it is always nice to watch something that makes you laugh. Also I liked how they, I mean the girls, are really making progress. Yui seems to learn to play guitar. It the real life it would probably be impossible to do in such a short period of time. But accepting the facts for their face value, Yui shown a real talent and that is awesome. Also, as the 6th episode shown, she can is not afraid of playing before audience, which is great. I wish I have those qualities. Guess you have to eat a lot of cakes to achieve that.


A lot of cakes. Take this seriously.

Also, I like that Yui have a sister. I know, I have seen this in Lucky Star, the stuff about one well socially adapted and smart sister and Tsukasa the other one, but still, I look forward to see more of Yui’s sister.


How can you not like them? ^_^

The last thing that I want to mention is that, even though the producers had great opportunity to make a fanservice shot at the end of episode 6 (when Mio had fallen in front of the audience, after performing), they did not do that. I really like that.


That is all fanservice that you are gonna get. Take it or leave it.

So far K-On! seems to be a remarkable series. I think I will make another on this series, after I watch more of it. See you next time (^_^)/

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