Senyuu. Episode 3.

In this episode our hero was put to jail for sexual abuse of a child :/ Nasty, huh.

Senyuu ep 3_3

See? No kidding, he is in jail.

Senyuu ep 3_1

But he keeps fighting for his freedom!

Senyuu ep 3_2

Oh, he suddenly lost all hope…

Also, now we know that Aruba’s mother is a piece of ASCII art.

Senyuu ep 3_4

Or is she an emoticon?..

In all this episode wasn’t as full of craziness as the first two were, but still I look forward to see the next one. Can’t wait, actually. Till the next time (^_^)/

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13 thoughts on “Senyuu. Episode 3.

  1. I watched Senyuu \(^0^)/ I don’t feel like watching the second season though. This post of yours made me LOL. Alba’s mom is a piece of ASCII art! Jeez, I can’t stop laughing XD

    • The second half of the show was dumb, so I was really surprised when I saw that there will be a second season. Maybe they will do it better than the first one, but I doubt it.
      Btw, I noticed you read my AOT posts, does it mean that you started watching that show? =)

        • It came out today. I myself hardly ever remember the schedules for all those shows I follow =)
          Btw, if you are watching it in anything less than HD, you lose a lot, even if you don’t care much about the animation :P

              • lol. Is my question really that weird? XD I am too lazy to search the net so I thought I would just ask you for the link :P I bookmarked the site. I already watched the episode before but I watched it in HD anyway. The animation is nice.I will watch AOT in HD from now on. Thanks for the link.

              • No, the question was fine, I was just surprised that you watched this anime on streaming sites. I tried it, and I got a really bad impression. All this flying around, it looks like a blur when you watch it somewhere on-line.

              • I don’t know any of those sites either, I just google it when I need to =) Btw, I so wish I could use Disqus here, look how comment section on this page looks, it is almost unreadable xD

              • Yeah.It would be nice if we had Disqus here but it would be too difficult for you to enable Disqus commentary in every post you write :( WordPress isn’t that bad either.

                P.S. I am replying from my notifications section XP

              • If I move this blog from wrodpress hosting to a paid hosting, I could replace default comment system with Disqus no problem. But, I am not ready to go through all the trouble and pay for the hosting on top of that =)

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