K-On! Reaction on the 8th episode.

For me, as for every other K-On! fan (oh, well, I guess I am a fan already, huh), the best part of the episode was the light music club performance. Their first performance, couple of episodes ago, was very enjoyable so I was looking forward to this one.

K-on 2 pic 6

Last time they were performing Yui didn’t sing and Mio did it instead. So I was wondered who will sing this time. Also I hope that Mio had done something about her stage fright.

K-on 2 pic 1

I was dreading that it all would end up this way

K-on 2 pic 2

But actually Yui was very good. Starting with the filler speech…

K-on 2 pic 3

…continuing with her play. And no stage fright for her. That is just amazing.

K-on 2 pic 4

That was the best moment of the episode. I was worried that I won’t hear Yui, though. But it was worth some little worry.

K-on 2 pic 9

And at last Yui sings. I don’t know how Kyoto Animation does that, but every music performance they did, they did well.

That is all. If you haven’t watched K-On!, go and watch it. Till the next time (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “K-On! Reaction on the 8th episode.

  1. I think I like K-on! because no matter the challenge, the characters are able to overcome them in such a feel-good way. It’s cool you’re enjoying it:)

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