Mangirl! Reaction on the first 3 episodes.

The firs thing that I want to say about this show is that it should be named “Mangaru!” (which, I belive, is how the name sounds in Japanese). People, who accustom to Japanese way of changing English words, will understand that “garu” means “girl”, so the name of the show would have made some sense to them, at list. The name “Mangirl!” makes no sense whatsoever.

Mangirl pic1

Mangirl! so far is my least favourite show from this season. Ai Mai Mii is crazy and Senyuu. is funny and Yama no Susume is just interesting. But I can’t say anything about Mangirl!. It is a slice of life and comedy and probably because I am watching K-On! now, Mangirl! just doesn’t look good in comparison. If you haven’t seen it yet, Mangirl! is about 4 girls who are going to make a manga magazine. So far the point of the show was that their leader, the girl who is supposed to be the chief editor, acts like a fool.

Mangirl pic2

The chief editor, Hana Sasayama

I hope this show gets better next episode. Not that I expect it to get better, but who knows. See you next time (^_^)/

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