Gamaran, a random short post.

Here I just what to express my amazement about the way Nakamaru Yousuke (the author of the Gamaran manga) handles the series. I am on the 43rd chapter right now and it still feels like a fresh thing. Yes, there are some certain traits, like a lot of characters have more or less the same personality “I like fighting, I wanna fight the strongest man, you can cut me, good, I wanna fight you even more now”. But, at the same time, main characters have much more than that. And, as about 80% of the manga is fighting scenes, you just can’t get tired of the characters, there is no time for that.


If you like shonen, you won’t get tired of those lines =) His name is Shinnojou, btw.

Also, as usual, Nakamaru Yousuke teaches us how to fight with katana. Look at one of his tutorials:

gamaran_42_019_9d069786 (274x400)

That thing about shoulder blades really works, by the way. Try it out, if you want.

By 43rd chapter we have seen katana vs axes, katana vs ninjutsu, katana vs sickle and weight, and katana vs katana, besides what I mentioned in my previous post. I strongly recommend this series, and I think I will repeat this phase in the future posts about Gamaran. By now that is all, see you later (^_^)/

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