Yama no Susume, episode 4

Now, by the 4th episode, it seems that Yama no Susume is going to be more about Aoi Yukimura and her way of becoming a social person once again, and less about actual mountains. And I am content with that. This episode was about cooking, by the way.

Yama no Susume ep 4 pic 1

Aoi Yukimura doubt the idea of cooking in the camping setting

Yama no Susume ep 4 pic 2

Introspection moment. I would like to see more of this stuff. It is a 5 minutes per episode show, and I wonder how they are going to pull it off.

Yama no Susume ep 4 pic 3

Aoi can be very dedicated.

Yama no Susume ep 4 pic 4

It seems that Aoi needs acknowledgement (besides all sorts of other things, of course). That is an interesting theme. Looking forward to see how the series will develop it.

So, check out that episode, it worth watching. See you next time (^_^)/

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