Bleach, chapter 525. Young Kenpachi.

Hey to all Kenpachi fans! That is your day =) If you are one of those who believed Kenpachi to be one of the strongest, even though he was defeated by Ichigo’s shikai, then I am here to congratulate you. Kubo made Kenpachi strong. And he tied up loose ends too.


Spoilers go from here. First of all, neither Unohana no Kenpachi died just yet. I, personally, think that none of them will die in this fight, but that is just a matter of opinion. Unohana mentioned that Kenpachi used to be stronger than her when he was a child, and she said that he himself sealed his power in order to be able to fight equal fights with his opponents. Namely, in order to fight an equal fight with Unohana. Now, from all that new information we can deduce a couple of things:

First, Kenpachi wasn’t using his full strength, while fighting Ichigo and Noitora, so there is no telling how strong he actually is. All the assumptions, base on his previous fights now meaningless.

Second, Kenpachi will regain all his sealed power, because it is a shonen series and we all know how it works.

Third, as we know, Ichigo, Rengi, Byakuya and Rukia are going to get a power-up in the palace of the king of souls. Now, with Kenpachi getting a power-up too, it seems that we might get some sort of elite group, consisted of people I mentioned. We might have a scenario, similar to the fight in the sky above Karakura town. I would prefer some more plot twists, instead of more head-on fighting right now.

And now, the other unexpected thing from this chapter. Young Kenpachi. That is how he looked like:


If it were not for the sword, it would be hard to recognise him.


Really, would you believe that Kenpachi ever was a child?


He and Aizen should have been raised together. Both wanted someone strong enough to be an equal to them.

So, both new Naruto and Bleach chapters were very entertaining. I am glad Kubo can still pull off things like that, without damaging the story. See you next time (^_^)/

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