Naruto, chapter 618

This was a big chapter. Not that it has more pages than usual, nope, fifteen only. But, it was one of those chapters that make all the fandom be exited for months. So, I strongly advise you to read it first, and then proceed to read this post. Because there will be some spoilers.


In this chapter there was not a panel about Naruto or Madara. Instead, there were panels about Orochimaru. And it was worth it. It is incredible how much Orochimaru knew. Kishimoto makes him look omniscient, almost. Now, here go spoilers. You have been warned.


Orochimaru and death reaper. Long time no see.

Why would you think Orochimaru would summon the reaper? To undo the jutsu that Minato started. To get back his arms. To take back the first and the second hokage. To drug back Sarutobi and Minato. And to summon them back.


What do you think? I think that Orochimaru deserved to get his arms back for doing this.

The thing that no ones hoped for and no rational fan expected to happen. Minato is back.


Edo Tensei Minato. You like it, admit it =)

And one more thing. Since half of the Kyuubi’s chakra was sealed away inside the death reaper, along with Minato, now it has been released. So Naruto basically has become twice as strong in a blink of an eye. Bad news for Madara I guess. Well, for some strange reason he has been having troubles fighting Rock Lee lately. Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter. Going to read Bleach now. Till the next time! (^_^)/

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