Senyuu. Episode 4.

The 4th episode of Senyuu. is out, and it introduced two new characters. Let us hear their names:

Senyuu. ep4_2

His name is Foyfoy and he is a hero that really wants to kill the Demon King. At least for now it seems so.

Senyuu. ep4_3

His name is Ruldolf (I guess) and he is a soldier that follows Foyfoy around (I guess)

This episode was full of fighting and gore. Two people were wounded, one cracked his ribs, one was thrown onto the ground, defeated by the sheer might of Ruldolf. Only the Demon King wasn’t hurt this time.

Senyuu. ep4_1

That is the bonus for all the people who do not like this soldier too much. Considering how many nasty things he does to the main hero, I guess he must have some haters by now.

Senyuu. ep4_4

Our hero and the Demon King started to build their relations. So nice ^_^

Now the future of the good guys depends on how long Ruldolf is going to consider Ruki (the Demon King has a name, apparently) a little girl o_O Till the next time (^_^)/

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