Naruto Shippuden, episode 298

New episode of Naruto came out. As we guessed from the preview, this episode featured Itachi and Nagato, fighting Naruto and Killer Bee. That is a very significant battle, because all the four of them are the top ninja for any given list (I am not saying that they are the strongest, mind you, I only mean that they are one of the strongest). Go on and watch it, because the next passage will start with a spoiler.

NarutoShippuden ep298 pic8

Talking about spoilers, I remember how the “Koto Amatsukami”, the jutsu that freed Itachi from Kabuto’s control, used to be a great spoiler. There was a guy who used to post comments on Naruto anime forums, that were something like “Itachi used new eye technique to free himself from Kabuto” and that would irritate people because by that time the war has even started yet in the anime, if I am not wrong. And even back then, it was not a fresh manga spoiler.

NarutoShippuden ep298 pic5

That is the anime version of one of the most recognizable panels from that part of the manga. Maybe it was just me, but I have seen this panel and fanart made from this panel hundred of times. Btw, this guy is Uchiha Shisui, if you haven’t seen the episode.

NarutoShippuden ep298 pic3

Poor Naruto.

Now, a couple of words about the animation. As usual, this episode was more or less panel-by-panel animation of the manga (chapter 550). I would have liked more detailed and better animated fight scenes, especially the fight between Naruto and Itachi. Also, the expressions on Itachi’s face troubled me some. In the manga he was almost impassive, while in the anime episode he showed surprise and other emotions, while fighting Naruto and talking about Sasuke.

NarutoShippuden ep298 pic9

The anime is doing a good job taking the best scenes from the manga without changes. That is the right way to do it.

NarutoShippuden ep298 pic1

They could have done a better job with those scenes.


Itachi shows anger on his face? Are you kidding me?
There, the animators did make a change, and for no purpose at all.

Also, when I was reading the manga I didn’t realise that Nagato became really young after absorbing Bee’s chakra. I noticed that he became somewhat younger looking. But now it seems to me that he looks as young as Naruto. That was unexpected.

NarutoShippuden ep298 pic7

How old does Nagato look here?

That is it for this post, see you next time (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “Naruto Shippuden, episode 298

  1. Okay! Naruto swallowed a frog, a crow , some worms and some snakes(In the Power episodes). What else is he going to swallow? Honestly that guy has a strong stomach!

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