Ai Mai Mi, episode 9

I thought to skip writing post about this episode, since I did not understand what is the FX they were talking about half the episode. But I decided to make a short note, just to let you now that this is gone beyond the normal weirdness of Ai Mai Mi:

Ai Mai Mi Episode 9

Just watch the scene

I wonder how many people even watch this show. Might it be that I am the only one crazy enough? At least I’ve never seen anyone talking about the show.

(Edited in) By the way, Yuka Ootsubo, who plays Ai in the series and also perform the theme song just has won a Best Singer award on 7th Seiyu Awards. Obviously not for that role and song, but still, glad to hear that. Here she is, praise the winner!

Yuka Ootsubo

Yuka Ootsubo

So, that is it, see you next time (^_^)/

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Bleach, chapter 528. A quincy.

After writing about new Naruto chapter this one will be really easy. I won’t take your time. All that you need to know about this chapter is this:

Bleach Chapter 528 Ichigo's mother is a quincy

That is it, you don’t need to read the chapter.

Yes. that is it. Well, not quite, really. Also you probably would like to see who Ichigo’s mother looked like when she was a school girl and rescued Isshin.

Bleach Chapter 528 Masaki Kurosaki

Here you are

Bleach Chapter 528 Masaki Kurosaki and Isshin Kurosaki

Masaki Kurosaki and Isshin Kurosaki. Wait, he was not a Kurosaki back then, right?

Kubo has to give as more  of Isshin and Masaki’s back story in the next chapter. You hear, Kubo? Right. See you next time (^_^)/

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Naruto, chapter 622. Itama.

This chapter was more than I would have expected. Let me start this post with a quote from Hashirama:

All those empty words about the Senju clan being the embodiment of love and compassion is utter crap!!!

Thank you Hashirama, that was lovely. Now, to the chapter. First of all, we were introduced to the youngest brother of Hashirama, Itama. He had that weird looking hair, black on right side and white on the left, which, by the way, left me wondering if Kishimoto studied how gens work in his biology classes.

Naruto Chapter 622 Itama

Itama, Hashirama’s brother

Also we have seen Hashirama’s father, a shinobi from the days where there were no hidden villages and just the war.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama's father

Hashirama’s father

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama's father

Hashirama’s father. It was not him, who tought Hashirama his humanistic ways.

Now we know that The Will of Fire is not the will of the Senju clan. That is the will of Hashirama alone. That makes me admire him a lot more, because that means that he was not just strong physically, but was also strong mentally. Imagine what it took to make those shinobi believe in friendship and brotherhood with other clans? A lot, I would say.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hasirama as a kid

How much courage it takes to go against the system you was born in?

Also we have seen some funny faces from Madara.

Naruto Chapter 622 Mad Madara

Madara making faces

He was a normal kid once, that is quite amazing. He was more normal than Sasuke, I say. How he ended up with the Mangekyo Sharingan? We will know that soon enough, I think. What we see now was the time when he was neither good nor evil, when he hadn’t made his choice yet. Obviously something happened after, that made him and his younger brother  acquire the MS.

Naruto Chapter 622 Madara still could self-criticize

Madara still could self-criticize back then

Also, we know that Uchiha clansmen killed Itama, Hashirama’s brother. That might have signed the fate of the world. Imagine Hashirama taking the path of revenge? If you can’t see what the biggie, just reread the last chapter and imagine Hashirama using that ginormous stuff to take revenge from whoever he chooses.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama sitting on a bank of a river.

Hashirama sitting on a bank of a river. Maybe that moment the fate of the world had been decided, as he had chosen peace against revenge.

Also, remember Tobirama was saying that Uchiha are just full of love and so on? Here is Uchiha’s love, on the picture below.

Naruto Chapter 622 Uchiha about to kill Itama

Let me rephrase Hashirama’s quote: “All those empty words about the Uchiha clan being the embodiment of love and compassion is utter crap”

Also, there was that awesome moment when Hashirama was talking with Madara at the end of the chapter. Madara was so normal back then. And he, probably, was one of the very few who shared Hashirama’s ideas. So, those two kids were talking back then, and one of them was destined to be the world’s plague, and the other one had become “the god of shinobi” as Suigetsu named him.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama and Madara as kids

Hashirama and Madara

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama and Madara as kids

At this moment I was thinking that I what to read the story about young Hashirama more than I want to read about Naruto.

Naruto Chapter 622 Madara and Hashirama

Pity, it is so easy to guess how story is going to unfold. Madara will become evil and Hashirama will try to get him back, but in vain, that is about it, I think.

It was a great chapter in its way. Hope the next one will be as good. See you (^_^)/

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Senyuu. Episode 8.

This show is going to spend more time on prison life of Alba then on all the fighting and other heroish stuff altogether. Oh, what am I saying, all the fights were something like up to twenty seconds long and they already spend two an a half episodes in prison.

Senyuu Episode 8 A cool picture

Random cool picture from the episode

This episode featured ninjutsu and ninpo. Behold “Grab Really Hard Where It Hurts Jutsu”!

Senyuu Episode 8 Hand signs

Hand signs, I guess.

The show has only 5 episodes left, if we don’t count an extra episode that will be released in the Spring season. What I want to say is, where will this show get? Will they achieve something? The Alba and Co are still in the prison and there is a new character that is going to be introduced at some point. How much time have they to make a nite and nice end for the story? I wonder.

Senyuu Episode 8 Januar Ein eats burgers

Demon eats burgers, how nice ^^’

Senyuu Episode 8 Alba in pain

Alba yells so much his throat hurts. That had to happen at some point.

As always I am looking forward for the next episode. See you (^_^)/

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Gamaran, chapter 64-66. Kurogane Jinsuke.

So I’ve got as far as chapter 66. It was past the time they give us an enemy worth anticipating and fearing. So we were introduced to Kurogane Jinsuke, Gama’s father. Of course, we knew about him since the first chapter. But only now we have seen his face and learned some bits of information about his plans. And that is how you make a good villain in shonen, you keep him in the dark first and give your readers information about him bit by bit (there are other ways too, of course).

It seems that Jinsuke is going to be a master mind and so far it seems that he is aiming to take over the land, starting with Unabara. Well, that is good enough for a start. Though, if he doesn’t succeed, he would look laughable. We have seen men who want to take oven the world/the kingdom/the land so many times in books and movies that anyone who attempt that and fails looks pathetic. Even if it is the most natural goal for a man of power, like Jinsuke, can have. But, because it is so overused, authors try to avoid that. In all of the anime I watched so far, great villains always had some weird desires and goals, not that obvious one.

Gamaran Chapter Jinsuke Kurogane

He looks like Gama, which was to be expected

By the end of the chapter 66 they brought the mother of Nayooshi, which is interesting and promising of a new plot twist. See you in the next Gamaran post (^_^)/

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Mangirl! Episode 8

I think I found a way to enjoy this show. That does not sound good, right? Sure it doesn’t. What kind of show is that, that you need to find a way to enjoy it? But anyway, my recipe is go with lowest possible expectations and skip the opening.

This episode was about the girls going to some kind of an anime convention. They went there so sell their magazine and to find new authors. The biggest problem with that episode was that it was quite similar to the anime convention episode from Lucky Star (and there is no question of comparing the two shows in quality). But on the other hand Aki went a little beyond being a stereotypical character she is. I like how she acted when she was spotted in a magical girl costume by her two friends.

Mangirl! Episode 8 Aki as a magical girl

I was talking about this

Also there were a couple of funny shots, like those ones:

Mangirl! Episode 8 Otaku

What you looking at?..

Mangirl! Episode 8 Otaku

Yeah, that’s right, that is how an otaku should look like.

Next episode is going to be about this same event. I wonder if they will get a new mangaka for their magazine. Till the next time (^_^)/

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Spring anime season 2013.

The chart for the spring anime season is done and available. As usual, for each anime you have a picture and a small summary. It feels weird to talk about the next season while this one is only 2/3 way through. The time is racing, that’s for sure. Anyway, here is the link, but be careful, this is a picture and it is 5 Mb or something like that: 2013 spring anime season  chart. Here is the site where I took it from: The Cart Driver.

Spring season 2013 pic1

Spring season 2013

Also, I don’t know why it is there, but we have My Little Pony on the chart. I have nothing against this cartoon, but it is obviously is not an anime. But here it is.

Spring season 2013 My Little Pony

My Little Pony in an anime chart, really?

I wonder what I will be watching from that season. By now I have no idea. Well, I still have time to decide. See you (^_^)/

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Anime podcast of the week. February 24, 2013.

I am attempting to make weekly posts about best anime related podcasts I listened to. I don’t care about the release date of the podcast, so there will be some really old ones, as well as very fresh ones. Also, there will be both famous ones and ones that are not so. The only criteria that I will use when choosing the podcasts will be how much I enjoyed listening to it.

This week I am going to show you two podcasts, that are very enjoyable to listen to, besides being interesting and informative. The first one is Anime World Order Show # 112 – We Don’t Want to Hurt You (But We Will If We Have To) that features voice actors Michael McConnohie and Melodee M. Spevack.

Anime World Order Podcast

Here is the link to the episode: Anime World Order Show # 112 .

The next one is Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast Episode 162 – “English in Anime”. You can guess from the title that it is going to be interesting. Al least it was interesting for me, I am interested in linguistics even more than in anime. Also there is a review that is quite nice too.

Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast

Here is the link, check it out: Episode 162 – “English in Anime”.

Hope you like podcasts that I brought you this week, and see you next time (^_^)/

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Cowboy Bebop. Episodes 12-13, Jupiter Jazz.

If you read my reaction on the 5th episode of the show (here it is), you remember I was not satisfied with the way they waisted Vicious character and Spike’s past. Guess what, they did not waste it. Here is a two episodes long arc that gave as a little bit more back story of Vicious and a couple of hints of what Spike’s past was like.

In Cowboy Bebop atmosphere plays a big role. And talking about the Jupiter Jazz arc, they did a great job creating an atmosphere there. When watching it I didn’t want to pause the episode and think or interrupt the flow of events in any way. And that does not happen often with me, I usually like to take small bracks and think over what I see.

Cowboy Bebop Episode 13 Jet

Also, Jet looks awesome in that outfit

So now I look forward to see what is coming next even more than before. Till the next time (^_^)/

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Naruto Shippuden, episode 301

There isn’t much to write about this episode. Maybe that is why I was procrastinating writing this post for three days now. The main thing that I want to point out about this episode is that animation was really nice. It could have been even better, but still, it was enjoyable.

Naruto Episode 301 Naruto vs old raikage

Naruto vs Third Raikage. It is nice to see Naruto fighting without that flashy new outfit.

Naruto Episode 301 Naruto

Maybe it is just me, but I think they draw Naruto a bit differently there, from what he used to look like.

Also, there is some interesting point that I what to show to you. The key to the Naruto victory was that he guessed how Raikage got his scar, right? Nothing can harm him aside of his own technique. So what on earth is that?

Naruto Episode 301 Raikare wounded

What are those wounds? Did Temari hurt him? She did more than rasenshuriken did? Really?

Naruto Episode 301 Raikare wounded

What is weird, that it was the same in the manga. Did you messed it up, Kishimoto, or am I being stupid?

Here is the preview for the next episode:

So that is it. Hope you liked the episode. See you (^_^)/

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