K-On! Episode 11.

I want to share some of my thoughts after watching this 11th episode of K-On.

Mio amazed by left handed guitars

It was one of those episodes, that Kyoto Animation seems to like to put in its shows. It sets up a drama, builds up emotional tension and then relax into something like anticlimax, in the positive meaning of the word. I remember such an episode in Lucky Star, when Kagami had kind of quarrel with one of her old sisters, and there was such episode in The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, when it ended up with Kyon barely saving the world from reconstruction. In this episode they played on the friendship between Mio and Ritsu.

K-On! Ritsu.

Jealousy. Everyone who had a close friend felt that, at least once.
On the other hand, I think in that moment Ritsu was thinking that she needed to make up to Mio for being rude, but there was no way to do it now.

K-On! Tired Ritsu.

I seemed as if Ritsu was feeling lonely and wasn’t able to play because she had that sort of trouble.

K-On! Ritsu being sick but happy.

I thought that all that stuff about Ritsu quitting the club was way out of character for her. I was happy to be proven right.

K-On! Tsumugi.

It was so right that Mugi was the one who opposed the idea of finding a replacement for Ritsu. Sure, all the rest would oppose the idea as well, but Mugi is the one who value the club because of their relations more than anyone. At least, she is aware of her motivations more than the others.

Mugi in a guitar shop

Also, I thought about that before, but now I am sure of it. Kotobuki family are yakuza. While else would shop assistant be afraid of Mugi?

I hope my style of writing things in pictures’ captions does not make it hard to read for you. I personally like it that way. See you in the next post (^_^)/

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7 thoughts on “K-On! Episode 11.

    • Yeah, you are not the only one, half of the people who watched it ended up feeling that the show was not their cup of tea. The anime is pretty short though, so it is not like you wasted too much time on it. And now you can participate in the holly troll moe battles that go on in any comment section under K-On videos ^^

  1. is it me? or newer animes are following k-on’s boring slice of life? I feel like anime’s quality being more and more downhill since 2011

    • Slice of life genre sure did pick up popularity. I won’t say that it is good or bad though. I don’t watch a whole lot of new shows, but I think there are some decent ones every now and then. If you look at the movies and special shorts made by good directors, you’ll find a lot to watch even after 2011. Take a look at Short Peace compilation, for example.

      • thanks… Btw i thought Btoom! Was good although there’s a kind of boobs and butt bullshit wich modern animes suffering from….

        • Yeah, they wanna make sure anime will sell, so they put in fanservice, as a safe bet. It is the same with the manga though =) Look at Btooom! manga, it seems kinda graphic too. It is no wonder the anime adaptation ended up having too much focus on the female body parts =)

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