Cowboy Bebop and Russian grammar.

Couple of days ago I started watching Cowboy Bebop. I heard a lot about the show and so far it is quite nice. I think I will write about it, like I did with K-On!. One thing that I want to write now, before I forget about it, is a funny grammar mistake that I saw in the first episode.


The signboard in the left bottom corner of the picture is written in Russian. It translates as “East Street”. The point is that they messed up the cases. So instead of putting “ВОСТОК УЛИЦЕ” they should have put “УЛИЦА ВОСТОК” or “УЛИЦА ВОСТОЧНАЯ”. Also I have noticed that they shown some lines in Korean in the third episode, I wonder if those are written correctly. Anyway, Russian grammar is quite hard, so I won’t hold it against them. That is all for this post, see you later (^_^)/

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