Gamaran scored one more time

If you read my previous posts on Gamaran you know that I praise it for the realism of the fighting scenes. Now I have one more reason to praise it. You now that Gamaran is shonen, and, as in any shonen series, the main hero has to fight most of the tough fights by himself and get wounded and such (I mean shonen series that deal with martial arts). In normal shonen manga or anime, any wound and trauma that hero got might be forgotten in the next page. I won’t say that it is a rule, but I have seen it a lot. Now, in the chapter 48 it is shown that Gama is bleeding from very minor wounds that was inflicted about ten chapters ago.

Gama's wounds

Now if it was done for a reason, to make an excuse for Gama to lose, I would not have been impressed. But it was done just because it is how it has to be. Real wounds bleed. That gives Gamaran that specific tension. When you see someone getting hurt, you know that this person will stay hurt. I mean, if, let’s say, Ichigo (Bleach protagonist) gets hurt  I won’t take notice, cause next moment he can be healed up or just go on fighting with a wound, no matter how bad it is.

Gamaran Chapter 47

A spear vs katana fight.

Also, while we on the subject, from 46th to 50th chapter there is going on a spear vs katana fight, which is worth checking out. See you next time (^_^)/

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