Naruto, chapter 619

This chapter was all about Sasuke and Orochimaru making a conversation with 4 previous hokage. The major things about this chapter is radical personality change of Hashirama, some interesting theoretical material about Uchiha and the source of their power, and also some light was shown on Madara’s motives.

Naruto chapter 619 Hashirama and Minato

That was really funny moment

Naruto chapter 619 Hashirama saying "Holy crap"

At this point I became afraid that Kishimoto lost his mind while drawing this chapter.

Naruto chapter 619 Hashirama making faces

Kishimoto decided to make Hashirama a comic character, which makes some sense. Well, whatever, the more unpredictable it gets the more I’m gonna like it.

Naruto chapter 619, Uchiha brain

That was absolutely necessary illustration of how Uchiha’s brain looks like.

So, now we know that Uchiha are some kind of an emo clan that gets its power from regular emotional crises of its clansmen. Well, that is fairly straightforward. Also it seems that Madara’s true motives are connected with his dead brother, which opens up ways of making him “good” again. That would be ridiculous, though. We will see how it goes in the next chapter. Till the next time (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 619

  1. I like Hashirama. He is sort of like Naruto :) I laughed so hard when he asked if the village was okay after learning that Tsunade is the fifth hokage. This chapter made me respect Sasuke’s character more. He went through the trouble of resurrecting Orochimaru and all the hokages just to know the truth about Itachi. Why did Itachi have to die? :(

    • Yes, I have already seen people speculating whether if Naruto had younger brother he would have been like Tobirama =) I can understand why Sasuke went through all those trouble. It is not like you can take for granted a word of famous liars like Tobi or Danzo or Itachi : D

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