Cowboy Bebop. Reaction on the 5th episode.

Initially I wanted to make a post about both fifth and sixth episodes, but I decided to make it into two separate pieces. Just because I don’t want to make my readers read too much texts in a row and get bored. Or you can say that I myself don’t like to write too much all at once. At any rate, I want to give my thoughts on the 5th episode before I forget about it. The point is that while the series is great and have many points on which I can praise it, the 5th and the 6th episodes might have been done better.

Ballad of Fallen Angels


The 5th episode, Ballad of Fallen Angels, has great atmosphere, it has very interesting setup, but the thing is, you can hardly call it a ballad, since it only is one twenty minutes long episode. Basically it contains a setup and a fight and that is it. It is a shame to use that great setup for just one episode, though I understand that this is the format of the show. Anyway, because of the shortage of time we did not have any personality of the antagonist of the episode, named Vicious. I don’t know, maybe we will see him later on, but by now it is a waste of a potentially cool character. Imagine if Faye did not became a part of the team after she was introduced, you would feel that a great character is wasted, wouldn’t you? Also, it is a waste of an opportunity to give as some background for the protagonist, Spike.

Ballad of Fallen Angels

You can’t deny that this episode has style.

So, maybe my taste is corrupted by long shonen shows, but I would have liked to see a short art about Vicious, three episodes maybe. If I do what I plan to do, then my next post will be about the 6th episode of Cowboy Bebop. See you soon (^_^)/

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