Mangirl! Episode 5

During 5th episode of Mangirl! I was thinking of dropping this series… just as I did during the last episode. I probably should drop it. But anyway, this episode was somewhat better than the last one, because in this episode we were presented with some techniques, that manga editors use while working on the text in the manga.

Mangirl! Episode 5, font sizes

That is how you chose the size of the font

They also discussed different fonts, which was interesting too.

Mangirl! Episode 5, font Happy-NB

That is a comedy font, I guess (Happy-NB)

Mangirl! Episode 5, font Tankoin

That is a horror font, I think (Tankoin)

I don’t know about this show. It managed to keep my attention somehow, but I don’t feel happy while watching it. Hope there will be new Bleach chapter today to wash out the taste. Till the next time (^_^)/

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