Senyuu. Episode 5.

I must say that, after watching Mangirl, Senyuu feels like really great series. While watching this episode I caught myself thinking that Senyuu needs to have more episodes or a second season. The 5th episode was mostly about Ross and Rudolf.

Senyuu. Episode 5 Ross

Here is Ross

Senyuu. Episode 5 Rudolf

Here is Rudolf

The first part of the episode we were presented with Rudolf’s monologue, the point of which was that he is a pedophile.

Senyuu. Episode 5 Rudolf and the Demon King

Rudolf is trying to seduce the Demon King

Senyuu. Episode 5 Alba and Rudolf

Alba stops him

The second part of the show was about Ross making faces and showing ridiculous techniques.

Senyuu. Episode 5 Alba and Ross

Ross making faces

Senyuu. Episode 5 Ross

For what earthly reason does he need that fire blasting from these tubes on his back??

If you haven’t seen this episode or if you haven’t seen the show at all, I must tell you not to judge it by what I wrote. This is a comedy, and a good one, so don’t take things seriously there. See you in the next post (^_^)/

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