Cowboy Bebop. Reaction on the 6th episode.

This episode (or session, as the show call its episodes) named Sympathy for the Devil is the second episode that I wasn’t all satisfied with (the first one was Ballad of Fallen Angels). But the difference is that where Ballad of Fallen Angels has so much potential and arouse interest, Sympathy for the Devil has a plot that is so old and has been used so many times, that you just don’t know who invented it in the first place.

This was basically a werewolf story, or a vampire tale, or whatever. How many different legends or stories or books or movies about creatures that can be killed only with a certain weapon do you know? A lot. That is the problem with that episode, just a story amount immortal boy that has to be killed with a special bullet. Why did they have to kill him by the way? What has he done? Killed a man defending himself?

Sympathy for the Devil

Why wouldn’t they leave him be?

But all that said, I must admit that, as all Cowboy Bebop episodes, that one was entertaining. The background music was good, as usual in this show. So, don’t get me wrong, the episode is good to watch, it is just that they might have made it better. Till the next time (^_^)/

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