Naruto Shippuden, episode 299

Another intense episode of Naruto Shippuden is out. This episode featured a fight of Naruto, Killer Bee and Itachi with Nagato. As I said in my post about the previous episode, in this fight we have the top strongest ninja in existence. Not all the top strongest though, but still. Also there was some talking sense into Naruto, done by Itachi.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299

This scene shows that Nagato was capable of handling two the most powerful jinchuriki with high level of control over their tailed beasts. Raw power failed this time.

Many people mentioned that from some point of the series normal jutsu and techniques are no longer playing any noticeable role. To deal with problems now you have to use some blood-line jutsu (I mean Kekkei Genkai), preferably, ones from Uchiha clan, or you can use jinchuriki power. And if you don’t have any of this, at least you have to be a kage, or you won’t be able to do anything. I know that it is an arguable statement, and shinobi like Tenten or Lee still can do something. But in the end, all the fighting is done by jinchuriki, Uchiha and undead (and many of them are kage and shinobi with Kekkei Genkai). Well, I can’t defend my position without using manga spoilers, so if you don’t believe me, wait and see.

Manga spoilers starts from here.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299 Itachi

Itachi saves Naruto and Killer Bee

So, Naruto and Killer Bee, who use the power, that comes from the Ten Tails, both lost to Nagato, who uses the power that comes from the Sage of the Six Paths. That is very logical. And to rescue them we need Itachi, another user of the Sage’s power (by that I mean that all the Uchiha are users of the power of the Sage, as they are his descendants). When I see how easily Nagato corned Naruto I wonder why Madara hadn’t done this already in the manga.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299 Nagato

We can say that it was a fight between Itachi and Nagato

Now, a little about animation. The quality was good enough for me this time. But, on the other hand, good quality is not enough here. In the manga it was a mini climax. All the fight was very well drawn, it had a specific atmosphere. Some of it was lost in the anime version, with is sad. I mostly complain about planetary devastation (Chibaku Tensei) part. For example, the new technique, that Itachi used (Yasaka Beads or Yasaka Magatama), was drawn in such way that I didn’t even understood what was it. Maybe if I was watching the episode in a better quality it would have been different, though.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299 Yasaka Beads

Can you see the shape of the Yasaka Beads here? I can’t.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299 Yasaka Beads, tailed beast bomb, rasen shuriken

Same here.

Naruto Chapter 551

Now, check how it looked in the manga.

Also, they forgot to draw some minor details, which they should not forget to draw.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299 Nagato, his summon and Itachi

Look at the summoned creature.

Naruto Chapter 551

Now look at the original page. See the difference?

This chameleon, that Nagato summoned, was sliced in two by Fukasaku, if I remember correctly. That is why it is bandaged in the manga.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 299 Killer Bee

This scene is drawn nicely, though.

 All in all it was a very good episode, but rather due to the great manga material that it covered. Hope the next one will be as entertaining. See you next time (^_^)/

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