Hellsing: Psalm of Darkness

Just found this thing. Apparently it is  a bonus material, that you can find on DVDs with  Hellsing TV series. I found it on the Interwebs. It is a footage from the Hellsing TV that wasn’t used in the show. It is very interesting to see if you watched both TV show and OVA series, because you can notice the scenes, that you remember from the OVA, but done in the TV show’s style.

Hellsing Psalm of Darkness

You can recognise this, right? Sure, that changed the colour of the sky in the OVA, but still.

Also there is Major there, in the footage. The biggest problem of the TV series is the awful plot, which originates in the decision to erase Major and all the nazi from it. Hellsing: Psalm of Darkness shows that it might have been different.

Hellsing Psalm of Darkness

Major in the Hellsing TV, wow.

So, find it and check it out, if you want. See you next time (^_^)/

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