Naruto, chapter 620

New chapter is out. This chapter features some talking and some brutal actions from the first two hokage. If you haven’t read it yet, you better do it now. From here the real spoilers go.

Naruto chapter 620 Hashirama

Plotwise, there are a few interesting spots in this chapter. Firstly, Hashirama is able to break through the Edo Tensei, and only Orochinaru is aware of that. Secondly, Tobirama stated that the last time they were summoned by Orochimaru, they did not have the full power, which explains why Sarutobi was able to defeat them.

Talking about drawing style, for some unknown reason Kishi draw Sasuke’s Magekyo Sharingan in its old form, not as EMS.

Naruto chapter 620 Sasuke's Mangekyou sharingan

Something is missing here.

Characters’s wise, there is a couple of interesting moments too. First of all, it seems that Hashirama is not only light-hearted, but also is a wise and a kind man. You wouldn’t expect that from a man who was born and grown up in the age of war.

Naruto chapter 620 Hashirama

Hashirama being a nice guy

Also I wonder why Hashirama is so fast on making his mind about Itachi’s character. It seems to me that he said what he said about Itachi just to please Sasuke and to win his confidence.

Naruto chapter 620 Hashimara

I wonder how Itachi would have reacted if he had heard that.

Naruto chapter Suigetsu

Suigetsu sweating like there is no tomorrow

It was interesting to see that small part of the Madara vs Hashirama fight. It is probably the second most anticipated fight in the Naruto series, right after the final Sasuke vs Naruto one.

Naruto chapter 620 Madara vs Hashirama

That is epic

Naruto chapter 620 Madara vs Hashirama

Is it just me, or does Kishimoto’s style gets better and better

Naruto chapter 620 Madara vs Hashirama

One man on a Naruto forum said that Hasirama’s wood dragon resemble Susanoo. What do you think?

So, next time we will probably see the legendary fight between Madara and Hashirama. From the look of it, Kuubi did not play a major role in the event, which makes me wonder just how strong Hashirama is. He long passed the human level of strength. Well, we will see. Till the next time (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 620

    • Surely not. That is if Kishimoto will go on with his current style. But it might make a turning point for Sasuke. I think that it will form a chain of events, that started with his conversation with Kakashi, then with Itachi and now with Hashirama and in the future there will be one with Naruto. And so, I think Kishi is building a road that will lead Sasuke back to the Leaf.

      But on the other hand, there is a possibility that Kishimoto will make a big plot twists and make Sasuke turn back now and complicate the matters by having a “good” Sasuke and the whole world despising him. But I fear that Kishi is no good good at that sort of stuff.

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