Senyuu. Episode 6.

Oh, I wish they were making one episode a day of this show. I always enjoy watching it ^_^ Sixth episode was about Ross makin fun of Alba, King deciding to hunt Alba and Co down and a glimpse of a new character. By the way, I don’t remember if Ross was ever introduced by his name… I certanly took his name from My Anime List article. Well anyway, right now I don’t feel like writing a lot, so instead I’ll post some shots from the episode.

Senyuu episode 6 Ross and Alba

Alba being surprised

Senyuu episode 6 Ross

Ross making faces

Senyuu episode 6 Ross and Alba

Ross making fun of Alba

Senyuu episode 6 Ross

Ross wonders if Alba has a brain

Senyuu episode 6 Demon King

Demon King wonders too

Senyuu episode 6 Alba

Alba wants his clothes back

Senyuu episode 6 Old dude

Wierd old dude wants to protect the Demon King

Senyuu episode 6 Alba, new animation style

Alba, new animation style

Senyuu episode 6 New girl

New girl

I tend to post more and more pictures from Senyuu each time. Well, bear with me. Se you next time (^_^)/

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