Bleach, chapter 526. Fighting corpses.

The chapter was out yesterday, but I was too tired to read it then. I was barely able to finish my post about Naruto actually, I almost fell asleep on my keyboard… Well, anyway, back to the chapter.

Bleach Chapter 526 Kenpachi and Unohana

Pictures like that make me wonder what is up with Kenpachi’s jaw?..

This chapter was not boring, that is for sure. First of all, we saw Unohana’s bankai. Oh, wait, did we really see it? I wonder. What I saw was a blade made of blood and some sudden horror, that was very unexpected. But I am not sure what really happened. Some people say that it was all an illusion. Seems like it.

Bleach Chapter 526 Unohana's bankai, Minazuki

Minazuki. It is similar to the Byakuya’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, only instead of columns that are blades that turns into petals, here we see columns of blood.

Right after she summoned her bankai turning her blade into a strand of blood, not mention those columns… Ahhh, I am just amazed how Kubo managed to make that scary monster from Unohana in the  matter of a few chapters. But back to what I was saying, right after that weird things start to happen.

Bleach Chapter 526 Kenpachi deteriorates

Kenpachi’s arm deteriorates. Fun.

Bleach Chapter 526 Kenpachi turning into a walking corpse.

Kenpachi turning into a walking corpse. At this point my reaction was “O_O what is happening?”

Bleach Chapter 526 Kenpachi's corpse is fighting Unohana.

Kenpachi’s corpse is fighting Unohana. At this point my reaction was “O_O Can you really survive THIS? Even if you are Kenpachi?”

Bleach Chapter 526 Unohana undead form

Well, now Unohana is really looking like a death reaper.

The other interesting thing that we learned was that Unohana obtained her healing skills in order to become invincible to be able to fight forever. And her healing power makes her much more powerful that you would guess. She can heal herself during an intensive fight, which means that to kill her you need to strike her down in one blow. I wonder how many can possibly do that, if there are any. Maybe Aizen with his absolute hypnosis.

Bleach Chapter 526 Unohana healing herself

Some kind of instant healing technique.

At the end of the chapter Kenpachi pierced Unohana with his sword. Well, in the same chapter she showed that she can heal awful wounds, so I am not impressed too much with this event. I still don’t see Unohana dying.

Bleach Chapter 526 Kenpachi "kills" Unohana

Unohana fans aren’t feeling comfortable with such an ending.

Bleach Chapter 526 Unohana's "last word"

I still think we will see you again, Unohana.

That is it for this chapter. Hope this blue stile didn’t hurt your eyes. See you in the next post (^_^)/

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