Gamaran, up to the chapter 62

I want to make a quick post about Gamaran. I’ve read it up to the chapter 62 and though I did not expect it, it became more interesting than it was at the start. I thought that the series is going to get at some level of tension and kind of stay there, because there is a limit of what you can do with the real world physics in a shonen sword fighting manga. I also was afraid that Gamaran will lose its realism at some point. Well, that did not happen yet. And also, it does build up the tension. There are new characters that I’m getting interested in and there are some plot developments. And Gama did not become a super human (that is my problem with shows like Bleach and Naruto).

Gamaran Chapter 62 pic1

This guy is Sengoku Iori, a very dangerous character.

Gamaran Chapter 62 pic2

Those guys are very dangerous too. One of them did die before the end of the chapter.

That was by quick post. The point was to remind you about this manga and to give you my word that the first 62 chapters, which is a lot, are good enough for you to read. See you (^_^)/

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