Yama No Susume, episode 7

The seventh episode of Yama No Susume is about the girls picking a backpack for Aoi. Surely she herself wasn’t able to do it. Especially she was not able to do the interacting with the shop keeper. Now, what I mean is, that by now it is obvious what the producers/directors/whoever were trying to do. They wanted to create a story about a girl, who closed up herself in her own world because o her timid nature. But that girl still ha sa lot of common sense that tells her that it is not alright. So, when dragged out of her closed world, she tries to adapt for the normal world, where she belongs to. And that process is the point of the show. This episode Aoi was shown to be somewhat amazed by Hinata, who can easily interact with people. Next step should be for Aoi to try it out, to stop Hinata from doing all the communication for her. We will see if I right.

Yama No Susume Episode 7 Aoi and Hinata

Aoi’s reaction on the variety of backpacks

Yama No Susume Episode 7 Aoi and a shop assistant

Aoi is distressed because she was not able to thank the shop assistant

Yama No Susume Episode 7 Aoi and Hinata, deep psychology

Psychological moment in a comedy 3 minutes per episode show.

So, the show is still worth watching, if you haven’t started yet, I recommend it. Till the next time (^_^)/

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