Ai Mai Mi, episode 7

I think Ai Mai Mi is going to win an award for the best anime that you can make with $1,000 budget. Do you notice the quality of the animation? It is made as cheap as it is possible. On the other hand they did not try to make it to be “in the trend”, which is a good thing. If you are going to make a cheap anime, make it unique at least.

Ai Mai Mi Episode 7 Girl licking something.

That is unique. And weird.

This episode was all about the girls finding a cat and taking it somewhere, and giving it food. But you know that in the Ai Mai Mi everything can’t be as normal as that. Suddenly Mi starts to eat cat’s food. Now it does meet high standards of weirdness that this anime is following.

Ai Mai Mi Episode 7 Mi eats cat food

If you are not afraid of what you have seen on the picture above, feel free to check out the episode. You won’t miss much if you ignore its existence, though. Till the next time (^_^)/

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