Senyuu. Episode 7.

This episode left me a bit worried. By the look of it, the company had some budget problems, or something of the sort. The animation seems cheaper (oh maybe it is just me). If I am right then it is a bad sign. With bad animation there are not so many chances for the show to extend beyond the 13 episodes, that are scheduled.

Senyuu Episode 7 Animation

What is up with that animation, if not the money?

This episode showed our hero and his two friends in a jail. Ross won’t give up teasing Alba, nothing new there. The Demon King Rchimedes anounced that there are twelve monsters that were released by her, that are so strong that just by being in this world they put it is danger.

Senyuu Episode 7 The Demon King Rchimedes

The Demon King Rchimedes

Senyuu Episode 7 The twelve monsters

The twelve monsters

Also at the end of the episode we have seen one of the monsters, Janua Ein, who looks like sh is a relation of Ross.

Senyuu Episode 7 Janua Ein

Janua Ein

Senyuu Episode 7 Ross


This episode was not the best, but still it was better than what I saw from other shows I wrote about this week. Till the next time (^_^)/

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