Naruto, chapter 621

The new chapter is more that I hoped for. I thought that we will see the fight and nothing more. Just some piece of entertainment. But there is some information too, the kind that fans like. For example, now we know who was the first to use that weird summoning, that Orochimaru used when fighting Naruto. Its name is Gojuu Rashoumon, apparently. Here it is:

Naruto Chapter 621 Gojuu Rashoumon

Kuchiyose no jutsu, Gojuu Rashoumon

Also it was interesting to see Kuubi wearing Susanoo as an armour. It was unexpected, although Susanoo does look like a suite of armour.

Naruto Chapter 621 Kuubi wearing armour.

Kuubi wearing armour. Looks nice, doesn’t it?

Naruto Chapter 621 Nine-tailes in armour

I wonder what Nine-tailes has to say about it.

Also we have seen something from Hashirama, that looks just like Sage mode. I wonder why would Kishimoto give it to someone so overpowered already. But it is magnificent, never the less.

Naruto Chapter 621 Hashirama enteres Sage mode

I don’t mean his face, no.

Naruto Chapter 621 Shin Suusen Ju

I mean this. Just look at it. I don’t know what is it exactly, but that thing is something awesome. Shin Suusen Ju, remember the name and fear it.

This Shin Suusen Ju is huge. I don’t know what it can do, maybe that thing is supposed to fall on the enemies and crash them, I donno.

Naruto Chapter 621 Kurama and Shin Suusen Ju

You can see how small Kurama looks, right?.. That thing is ridiculously big.

And, the last, but not the least, behold young Madara!

Naruto Chapter 621 Young Madara

What a sad little thing, already possessed by an inferiority complex.

Naruto Chapter 621 Young Hashirama.

Here is a bonus for you. Young Hashirama. He looks like a more sound person, compare to Madara.

This was a very interesting chapter. Too bad I don’t have time to read Bleach today. Well, see you tomorrow in the Bleach post (^_^)/

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2 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 621

  1. nice, I was actually looking for something to give me more detail about the jutsu hashirama used. It is insane right? Anyway this made for a nice read, thanks!

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