Bleach, chapter 527. Ichigo got trolled.

In this chapter we have seen some progress of the story. First of all, the fight between Kenpachi and Unohana has ended, as it seems. Kenpachi became more powerful, though no one can tell what has been changed. Did his level of spiritual pressure risen or something? We don’t know. But now he can talk with his sword, which is what Kenpachi’s fans wanted for years. Also there was something that I wanted to see. Kenpachi shown some feelings besides blood lust, finally.

Bleach Chapter 527 Kenpachi fears Unohana's death

That feels strange to hear that from Kenpachi

But all that was not the best part of the chapter. The best part was that Ichigo was not given his sword back. This guy, who was supposed to help him told him to go away and never return. That was awesome. I was afraid that Ichigo will mechanically get a power-up and all that stuff about the palace of the soul king will be some kind of a manga filler, just like the fullbringers arc was. But no, know we can expect some new and unexpected turn. From what I understand, Kubo wants Ichigo to find his quincy power and work on it. Not that I think Ichigo really needs that power-up, but it would be more fan that just another super powerful shinigami form, that was expected.

Bleach Chapter 527 Ichigo was relected

This is not his first time lying bleeding like that. I wonder how many scars he has got already.

We can hope for some awesome chapters to come now. We will see. See you next time (^_^)/

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