Ai Mai Mi, episode 8

Ai Mai Mi is fun to watch. It is unpredictable, which is a rare thing when it comes to what I usually watch. But I probably mentioned that already. Let’s talk about the episode. In this episode Mai was trying to steal the pot, I’ve mentioned couple of times before. Then Ai was trying to make the other two do something and for that Mii stabbed her with a fake knife.

Ai Mai Mi Episode 8 Mii with a knife

That is about as good animation as they can do. The poor quality of his show animation should become legend. But I bet people will forget that Ai Mai Mi ever existed by the end of this year.

After that Ai put the other two into a cage of a sort and tried to steal they cookies and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the insides of Mii, and then.. do you still want to know what happened then? Ok, next Ponoka dressed as a marine creature was using electroshocker to make Mii draw manga and fried her. That is it. And as a bonus I post a picture of the girls laughing, so not to end the post on a sad note.

Ai Mai Mi Episode 8 Mai and Mii

Mai and Mii

See you next time (^_^)/

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