Mangirl! Episode 7. Fighting, journey, fanservice.

This was the second episode of Mangirl that gave me some satisfaction. The episode was about the girls and their manga author going to a “research trip”. After I saw the mention of the research trip, I thought that this episode will make me sick. I have seen vacation episodes of really good anime, and, in my opinion, it is hard to make such episodes be interesting for those who have seen it before. The reason is that you have to put in all the stuff that makes the vacation, like transportation, coming, starting, finishing, going home. All this takes time and it is hard to make it original. So, I was expected 5 minutes of something that I have already seen in a better quality.

Mangirl! Episode 7 Girls on the road

But I was wrong. This episode was about making a super fast trip with tight schedule. That is something that I have experienced, well, all of us had. And it is nice to see this in anime, see the reaction of different characters and such. There always are people who get tired and get somewhat depressed. And there are people who withstand the trip easily. And there are people who enjoy it through. You can see all that in this episode, if you look close.

Also there was pretty good fighting scene at the start of the episode. I wish that would have given the money they spend on making this scene, to producers of Senyuu.

Mangirl! Episode 7 Fighting scene

Fighting scene

Also, again there was a fan service scene with the chief editor. This time it was hot spring stuff.

Mangirl! Episode 7 Fanservice

Nothing indecent anyway

Maybe, if they manage to make the rest of the show as good as this episode, it will leave a good impression, even though the start of the show was bad. They need to change the hideous opening too. And I know, I am very late with the reaction on this episode. But anyway, see you next time (^_^)/

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