Yama No Susume, episode 8

Another episode of Yama No Susume dedicated to Aoi’s problems with dealing with people. This time she can’t gather up enough courage to present her friend with a gift she want to give her. That is a feeling I know, so it was somewhat interesting to see. Usually we just outgrow this feeling by having more and more social experience. At some point we know what to say and what to do to deal with such things. Aoi does not have that experience and it is interesting to see how she will solve this problem.

Yama no Susume Episode Aoi saying 'baka'

So far she is not satisfied with herself.

Also there were some information about mountain Takao. It seems that it is an interesting spot to go, if you have time.

Yama no Susume Episode 8 Aoi and Hinata

Aoi and Hinata rubbing an octopus

Here is how this octopus looks like in the real life.

Aoi seems to strongly believe in “power spots”. More so than Hinata. I guess it has something to do with her personality. Unlike Hinata, she wants to have things done for her, so that she won’t need to do something that will be hard for her. It is not that she is lazy. But still, she is passive. That is an interesting point.

That is it for this episode. Till the next time (^_^)/

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