Anime podcast of the week. February 24, 2013.

I am attempting to make weekly posts about best anime related podcasts I listened to. I don’t care about the release date of the podcast, so there will be some really old ones, as well as very fresh ones. Also, there will be both famous ones and ones that are not so. The only criteria that I will use when choosing the podcasts will be how much I enjoyed listening to it.

This week I am going to show you two podcasts, that are very enjoyable to listen to, besides being interesting and informative. The first one is Anime World Order Show # 112 – We Don’t Want to Hurt You (But We Will If We Have To) that features voice actors Michael McConnohie and Melodee M. Spevack.

Anime World Order Podcast

Here is the link to the episode: Anime World Order Show # 112 .

The next one is Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast Episode 162 – “English in Anime”. You can guess from the title that it is going to be interesting. Al least it was interesting for me, I am interested in linguistics even more than in anime. Also there is a review that is quite nice too.

Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast

Here is the link, check it out: Episode 162 – “English in Anime”.

Hope you like podcasts that I brought you this week, and see you next time (^_^)/

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