Cowboy Bebop. Episodes 12-13, Jupiter Jazz.

If you read my reaction on the 5th episode of the show (here it is), you remember I was not satisfied with the way they waisted Vicious character and Spike’s past. Guess what, they did not waste it. Here is a two episodes long arc that gave as a little bit more back story of Vicious and a couple of hints of what Spike’s past was like.

In Cowboy Bebop atmosphere plays a big role. And talking about the Jupiter Jazz arc, they did a great job creating an atmosphere there. When watching it I didn’t want to pause the episode and think or interrupt the flow of events in any way. And that does not happen often with me, I usually like to take small bracks and think over what I see.

Cowboy Bebop Episode 13 Jet

Also, Jet looks awesome in that outfit

So now I look forward to see what is coming next even more than before. Till the next time (^_^)/

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