Naruto Shippuden, episode 301

There isn’t much to write about this episode. Maybe that is why I was procrastinating writing this post for three days now. The main thing that I want to point out about this episode is that animation was really nice. It could have been even better, but still, it was enjoyable.

Naruto Episode 301 Naruto vs old raikage

Naruto vs Third Raikage. It is nice to see Naruto fighting without that flashy new outfit.

Naruto Episode 301 Naruto

Maybe it is just me, but I think they draw Naruto a bit differently there, from what he used to look like.

Also, there is some interesting point that I what to show to you. The key to the Naruto victory was that he guessed how Raikage got his scar, right? Nothing can harm him aside of his own technique. So what on earth is that?

Naruto Episode 301 Raikare wounded

What are those wounds? Did Temari hurt him? She did more than rasenshuriken did? Really?

Naruto Episode 301 Raikare wounded

What is weird, that it was the same in the manga. Did you messed it up, Kishimoto, or am I being stupid?

Here is the preview for the next episode:

So that is it. Hope you liked the episode. See you (^_^)/

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