Gamaran, chapter 64-66. Kurogane Jinsuke.

So I’ve got as far as chapter 66. It was past the time they give us an enemy worth anticipating and fearing. So we were introduced to Kurogane Jinsuke, Gama’s father. Of course, we knew about him since the first chapter. But only now we have seen his face and learned some bits of information about his plans. And that is how you make a good villain in shonen, you keep him in the dark first and give your readers information about him bit by bit (there are other ways too, of course).

It seems that Jinsuke is going to be a master mind and so far it seems that he is aiming to take over the land, starting with Unabara. Well, that is good enough for a start. Though, if he doesn’t succeed, he would look laughable. We have seen men who want to take oven the world/the kingdom/the land so many times in books and movies that anyone who attempt that and fails looks pathetic. Even if it is the most natural goal for a man of power, like Jinsuke, can have. But, because it is so overused, authors try to avoid that. In all of the anime I watched so far, great villains always had some weird desires and goals, not that obvious one.

Gamaran Chapter Jinsuke Kurogane

He looks like Gama, which was to be expected

By the end of the chapter 66 they brought the mother of Nayooshi, which is interesting and promising of a new plot twist. See you in the next Gamaran post (^_^)/

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