Mangirl! Episode 8

I think I found a way to enjoy this show. That does not sound good, right? Sure it doesn’t. What kind of show is that, that you need to find a way to enjoy it? But anyway, my recipe is go with lowest possible expectations and skip the opening.

This episode was about the girls going to some kind of an anime convention. They went there so sell their magazine and to find new authors. The biggest problem with that episode was that it was quite similar to the anime convention episode from Lucky Star (and there is no question of comparing the two shows in quality). But on the other hand Aki went a little beyond being a stereotypical character she is. I like how she acted when she was spotted in a magical girl costume by her two friends.

Mangirl! Episode 8 Aki as a magical girl

I was talking about this

Also there were a couple of funny shots, like those ones:

Mangirl! Episode 8 Otaku

What you looking at?..

Mangirl! Episode 8 Otaku

Yeah, that’s right, that is how an otaku should look like.

Next episode is going to be about this same event. I wonder if they will get a new mangaka for their magazine. Till the next time (^_^)/

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