Senyuu. Episode 8.

This show is going to spend more time on prison life of Alba then on all the fighting and other heroish stuff altogether. Oh, what am I saying, all the fights were something like up to twenty seconds long and they already spend two an a half episodes in prison.

Senyuu Episode 8 A cool picture

Random cool picture from the episode

This episode featured ninjutsu and ninpo. Behold “Grab Really Hard Where It Hurts Jutsu”!

Senyuu Episode 8 Hand signs

Hand signs, I guess.

The show has only 5 episodes left, if we don’t count an extra episode that will be released in the Spring season. What I want to say is, where will this show get? Will they achieve something? The Alba and Co are still in the prison and there is a new character that is going to be introduced at some point. How much time have they to make a nite and nice end for the story? I wonder.

Senyuu Episode 8 Januar Ein eats burgers

Demon eats burgers, how nice ^^’

Senyuu Episode 8 Alba in pain

Alba yells so much his throat hurts. That had to happen at some point.

As always I am looking forward for the next episode. See you (^_^)/

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