Naruto, chapter 622. Itama.

This chapter was more than I would have expected. Let me start this post with a quote from Hashirama:

All those empty words about the Senju clan being the embodiment of love and compassion is utter crap!!!

Thank you Hashirama, that was lovely. Now, to the chapter. First of all, we were introduced to the youngest brother of Hashirama, Itama. He had that weird looking hair, black on right side and white on the left, which, by the way, left me wondering if Kishimoto studied how gens work in his biology classes.

Naruto Chapter 622 Itama

Itama, Hashirama’s brother

Also we have seen Hashirama’s father, a shinobi from the days where there were no hidden villages and just the war.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama's father

Hashirama’s father

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama's father

Hashirama’s father. It was not him, who tought Hashirama his humanistic ways.

Now we know that The Will of Fire is not the will of the Senju clan. That is the will of Hashirama alone. That makes me admire him a lot more, because that means that he was not just strong physically, but was also strong mentally. Imagine what it took to make those shinobi believe in friendship and brotherhood with other clans? A lot, I would say.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hasirama as a kid

How much courage it takes to go against the system you was born in?

Also we have seen some funny faces from Madara.

Naruto Chapter 622 Mad Madara

Madara making faces

He was a normal kid once, that is quite amazing. He was more normal than Sasuke, I say. How he ended up with the Mangekyo Sharingan? We will know that soon enough, I think. What we see now was the time when he was neither good nor evil, when he hadn’t made his choice yet. Obviously something happened after, that made him and his younger brother  acquire the MS.

Naruto Chapter 622 Madara still could self-criticize

Madara still could self-criticize back then

Also, we know that Uchiha clansmen killed Itama, Hashirama’s brother. That might have signed the fate of the world. Imagine Hashirama taking the path of revenge? If you can’t see what the biggie, just reread the last chapter and imagine Hashirama using that ginormous stuff to take revenge from whoever he chooses.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama sitting on a bank of a river.

Hashirama sitting on a bank of a river. Maybe that moment the fate of the world had been decided, as he had chosen peace against revenge.

Also, remember Tobirama was saying that Uchiha are just full of love and so on? Here is Uchiha’s love, on the picture below.

Naruto Chapter 622 Uchiha about to kill Itama

Let me rephrase Hashirama’s quote: “All those empty words about the Uchiha clan being the embodiment of love and compassion is utter crap”

Also, there was that awesome moment when Hashirama was talking with Madara at the end of the chapter. Madara was so normal back then. And he, probably, was one of the very few who shared Hashirama’s ideas. So, those two kids were talking back then, and one of them was destined to be the world’s plague, and the other one had become “the god of shinobi” as Suigetsu named him.

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama and Madara as kids

Hashirama and Madara

Naruto Chapter 622 Hashirama and Madara as kids

At this moment I was thinking that I what to read the story about young Hashirama more than I want to read about Naruto.

Naruto Chapter 622 Madara and Hashirama

Pity, it is so easy to guess how story is going to unfold. Madara will become evil and Hashirama will try to get him back, but in vain, that is about it, I think.

It was a great chapter in its way. Hope the next one will be as good. See you (^_^)/

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3 thoughts on “Naruto, chapter 622. Itama.

  1. My admiration for Hashirama increased with this chapter. I don’t care about the war right now. I want to know more about what happened to Hashirama and Madara. I even liked Madara’s character. He had a childish and innocent side.Something I haven’t expected to find in him. I can’t wait for the next chapter! By the way, you’ve written “All those empty words about the Uchiha clan being the embodiment of love and compassion is utter crap”
    (After the 8th picture).It is supposed to the Senju clan. Will you edit it please?

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