Cowboy Bebop, episode 16. A thing about bullets.

Just watched the 16th session of Cowboy Bebop, Black Dog Serenade. The episode was decently entertaining and at last we know hoe Jet lost his arm. But what I want to talk about are bullets. Or, rather, one bullet. You might notice a scene where Fad, Jet’s partner, put one bullet into his revolver. He did not want to kill Jet, but he wanted to provoke him to fire, so he put only one bullet into the revolver. He could have just unload it, but that was not in his character, apparently.

Cowboy Bebop Episode 16 One bullet

You see only one bullet,right?

Then Fad shot Taxim, right after he told Jet the story about Fad’s betrayal. And after that he provoke Jet to fire him and Jet look up his revolver and see that it has only one bullet. All is nice and clean, right? No, it is not! With what bullet did Fad shoot Taxim? Oh, I wonder how can you draw anime scene by scene and overlook such an obvious thing.

But anyway, that does not make the series worse and I still recommend to watch it. See you (^_^)/

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4 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop, episode 16. A thing about bullets.

  1. I will have to re-watch the episode. Possibly the artists don’t know the difference between a cartridge primer before the round is fired (flat surface) and a cartridge primer after the round is fired (visible dent).

    This merits further investigation.

    • Oh, I see what you mean. Even if the bullet has been fired, Jet could still see the cartridge. Never thought about it. I don’t remember about the dent though, I think they didn’t show close-up for the bullet when Jet looked at it, though I can’t say.

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