Gamaran. Laundry-based training.

I have gone up to the chapter 70. I want to say two things. First, I can feel how the author was pressed to make this manga to go shounen-like, with power-ups and such stuff. Unabara tournament was so straightforward that the manga could have ended in no time, so the story had to change. Now we have a new training session for Gama in Juuren village, so he will become stronger and be able to kick bad guys better. All is going according to the standard format. Not that it is too bad or something, just predictable.

The second thing is that the author certainly has a sense of humour. You know, all that stuff about intensive training, when a master trains a student and makes him do all sorts of chores and says that it will make him better with his martial art? Here you go:

gamaran chapter  67 Laundry-based training

Laundry-based training

gamaran chapter  67 Iori

I decided not to put there a picture of how that guy crushed the previous one with one blow of his hand

Also, now we have a foreigner in the series. Here he is:

gamaran chapter  70 Rintarou

He is such an awesome guy ^^

He is from Holland and his name is Rintarou. Wait, what?? Rintarou sounds so Holland that it makes me cry. Someone should have given Yousuke (that is the name of the author of this manga) a book about Holland or something. Wikipedia might have helped too.

Well, anyway, the manga is still good and I will go on reading it. Till the next time (^_^)/

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