Yama No Susume, episode 9

Another episode about the girls climbing the Takao mountain. Aoi finally decided to give her small present to Hinata. Also there was a new character, a girl named Kokona. Not that I am exited about all that, considering that there we have 10 minutes of the show left and I am afraid to imagine how much character development or anything like that we will be able to see from that new girl.

But anyway, we can enjoy Takao mountain and its temples and statues ^_^

Yama no Susume Episode 9 Ksitigarbha statues

Ksitigarbha statues

Here are the real ones:

Buddha statues at Mt.Takao, Japan

The original caption of the photo was “Buddha statues at Mt.Takao, Japan”

jizo statues at a Buddhist temple on Mount Takao

Original caption: “A row of jizo statues at a Buddhist temple on Mount Takao (Takao-san) collect coins left by Japanese people who come to pray or simply seeking good luck.”

Yama no Susume Episode 9

That looks like a gigantic mask. From what I can gather it is a Tengu.

Tengu living at Mount Takao

Original caption “Okay, apparently there are Tengu living at Mount Takao, very scary creatures that have a face like this”

Yama no Susume Episode 9 Lookout square

Summit of Takao mountain

Takao mountain summit

The real one. Original caption: “in the red circle, there’s Mount Fuji”

I really respect people from 8bit for making all those sights so close to the real one. Hope they spend another episode on this mountain. Till the next time (^_^)/

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